EdCampBLC at Building Learning Communities

Monday, July 14, 2014

Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Tower, Boston, MA - Kicking off in the Arlington room!
9am - 4:30pm: Come all day, or any part of it!
If you want to help organize the day, you can show up at 8am.
Questions? Contact the organizers via Twitter or email.
Follow and use Twitter hashtag #EdCampBLC to join the conference before it begins!

What is an Edcamp?

Plan on coming? Please register here [ http://bit.ly/edcampblc14 ].

Need a ride? Have an extra seat in your car? Use the EdCampBLC Ride Board to post your name and contact info to find a ride or volunteer one.

EdcampBLC is formerly known as EduBloggerCon "East"- the name was changed to reflect the diverse participation of participants in education and social networking. At the first annual EduBloggerCon in Atlanta on June 23, 2007 it was suggested that regional EduBloggerCon events be held to expand participation. In that spirit, and in conjunction with the traditions of regional Edcamp events "promoting organic, participant-driven professional development for K-12 educators worldwide"
this 4th annual "unconference" is being planned (thanks to the generosity of Alan November) just prior to, the Building Learning Communities Conference

In 2014, the BLC conference runs from Wednesday, July 14th through Friday, July 18th in Boston, MA, again at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel (with preconference sessions the days before).

EdcampBLC is based on the idea of an "unconference," and is being organized by the participants in real time on this wiki. Another way to describe this event is as a "collaborative conference," where the conference attendees help to build and create the experience. As is the format for unconferences, we have not actually scheduled any sessions yet, and we're going to do so together as a group at the start of the day--based on the submissions of sessions that attendees have indicated they are willing to facilitate or would like to learn about.

Last year's unconference was a wonderful learning experience attended by educators from all over the country. Here is the link to last year's wiki.

Plan on coming? Please register here [ http://bit.ly/edcampblc14 ].

Add your name, photo or avatar, Twitter name, interests, or anything you like to the who's coming page
Learn a little bit about who is organizing EdCampBLC on the Organizers page.
Learn more about what an EdCamp is.

Questions? Contact the organizers via Twitter or email.

Contact us if you need a certificate of attendance!

In true UNconference fashion, we'll be constructing our agenda here on the morning of the conference...

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