Here is a list of the organizers of this year's EdCampBLC. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our Twitter names (below) or email

Tracy Sockalosky
Hola. I am an Instructional Technology Specialist with Natick Public Schools. Despite the fact that I have a lot of opinions, and dream of having my own talk show, I have failed to get my act together and get a real blog started (aside from the several that I write for my classes and school). I do love Sean's blog though! I am very excited to be working with Sean, Jeremy and Brian to pull together another great EdCamp. Special thanks to Alan November and November Learning for donating the space in the Boston Park Plaza hotel for us to host the event. Looking forward to a great day of learning!

Jeremy Angoff
I am a co-founder OunceIT, LLC—a small Boston area consulting firm that specializes in helping schools with academic technology and progressive education. Schools struggle with effective application of technology & progressive education. We help remove that struggle. I teach in many schools around Boston—both public and private—and I also work as a teacher and consultant with various academic non-profit organizations. I believe that self-directed learning is the best way to learn, and I try to model life-long learning for my students.

Dan Riles